Puri Constructions brings its hallmark quality to Faridabad with another top-notch inimitable address, Aanandvilas, following landmark buildings like The Pranayam, Pratham, and 81 Highstreet.

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The complex - Aanandvilas, which spans 12 acres, features G+7 low-rise buildings and G+13 mid-rise towers. The flats stand out for their innovative design and high-end luxury amenities. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a most prestigious residential community, with the project ready for occupancy.

About the project

Puri Constructions has built its reputation on delivering exceptional land projects, financial stability, and a track record of reliable execution for its clients and partners.

You are automatically a privileged member of the Club as a resident of Aanandvilas. The Club has a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool where you may dive into the cold water or relax with a good book. A state-of-the-art gymnasium and a private movie theatre are available for a workout or a spectacular cinema experience. The club's terrace is dedicated solely to yoga and meditation.

Puri Constructions, a privately held company with a creative bent, values the capacity to move quickly and clearly. There are many sizes of 2BHK and 3BHK Luxury Apartments to select from. Each of the resort's residences is unique. The organization's skills include the acquisition of development sites as well as participation in all aspects of their administration and development.


✔️ High Quality Thyssen krupp Lifts

✔️ Exclusive clubhouse with plenty of sports amenities

✔️ Given that it is flanked by numerous commercial habitats, food marketplaces, and amusement zones, the general association of the region is outstanding. 

✔️ Confidential Luxurious Residences with top-of-the-line amenities.

✔️ Choice of 3BHK, 3BHK+S, 4BHK, AND 4 BHK+S super luxury apartment


✔️ Extremely strict security

✔️ If there is a blackout, both water and electricity are still available.

✔️ Gymnasium, Swimming Pool

✔️ Billiards and Cards Room

✔️ Music And Dance studio

✔️ Exclusive yoga terrace

✔️ Private Movie Theatre


  • For what reason would it be a good idea for me to put Money into the Puri Builders
    This entrepreneurial endeavour combines retail and culinary expertise. The land is located between Sohna Road, Gold Course Extension Road, and Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and is bordered by 20,000 people. Investing in Puri Builders' Gurugram project will undoubtedly yield guaranteed future profits.
  • How many projects do you currently have under construction
    Puri Builders has already begun a number of commercial ventures. Aravali Hiills , Emerald-Bay, Amanvilas, Diplomatic Greens, and others are among them.
  • How could we at any point gain the subtleties of the project
    People interested in investing in this lavish and high-end business project in Gurgaon can get the necessary information on our website. While all queries and concerns are addressed here, you can contact us via phone or WhatsApp (xxx) to discuss additional concerns or questions.
  • Is there enough parking at Emerald Bay Gurgaon business project
    Yes, the task will necessitate the use of four large portions of land, with enough parking for over 1000 cars.
  • How is Puri Construction’s process different from others in the industry
    Puri Construction approaches construction from a human-centered perspective. Our approach to construction management is methodical. First and foremost, we set out to earn our clients' trust. That means we spend time getting to know our clients, their needs, and their priorities. We'll be happy to collaborate with you if we believe we're the ideal fit for your project. If we aren't, we won't hesitate to tell you so and will gladly refer you to another firm that is better suited to your needs. Fin